Written by Neil Chaggar

There are many ways to inform, educate, and communicate with people over the internet. However, there’s one medium that literally gets your voice across to your audience; it’s called Podcasting.

Podcasting works similar to blogging; however, it can be far more effective if the presenter is an exceptional speaker rather than a writer or if the audience prefers listening to their media/feed rather than reading it.

Earlier this week, Lorraine expressed an interest in Podcasting to compliment her written blog.

I was excited to work on this project since I already knew how useful yet simple this medium is to get your message across. I’ve listened to Podcasts in the past but didn’t know exactly how to set it up on our website; so began the Podcasting research.

I soon learned many people choose iTunes to publish their Podcasts so they are easily available to anyone and everyone. In addition, there are many other things to consider before you can start Podcasting. To begin, you need to have a quality recording tool.  While most computers can record sound into a WAV file, you need additional software to save your files as MP3s.

Turns out, there are many software options from which to choose from but finding a cheap yet efficient one was tricky. Finally, we settled on  Audacity, which is free and has decent effects and features, along with the capability to save and convert MP3 files.

Another issue a Podcaster will face is choosing a third-party server where you can upload all your files and material along with RSS codes so iTunes can publish your Podcasts. After looking at several websites, some more expensive than others, we chose www.solidcasts.com, which allows users to have the first 100MB of space for free and reasonable monthly prices for up to 20GB of space.

Now we have all the precise tools and software to create and publish Podcasts, you can soon listen to Lorraine Ball has to say, literally. Furthermore, if you already publish Podcasts on your own website, feel free to check out the websites and software mentioned above to see if it can improve your Podcasting activities.

Neil out!