In 2017 we added more than 400 blog posts to our website. There are resources, podcast summaries, and technical how-tos. There are rants and raves, instructional and informative posts, and some silly ones just for fun. All of these pieces of content are written to serve as resources for our customers and friends and to support our ongoing search engine optimization (SEO) program.

Even if you are one of our most loyal fans, my guess is there may be many posts you have missed, so here is a list of my favorite posts and why you should take the time to read them.

Is Twitter Dying? 

This bleak title has driven traffic to our site all year long. While many experts believed the platform was breathing its last breath earlier this year, Sam outlined ways you could effectively use this tool. His post and Twitter are both still going strong. Read More

So You Think You Want Pop Up Ads

Cherilyn thinks pop-up ads are super annoying. And yet, they work. (Between 20 and 70% of viewers offer contact information in response to a pop-up.) She wonders who these people are and accepts that sometimes you can’t buck the trend. So she took at look at how to use these tools well. Read More

Reminder: Advertising in the 1950s Had No Chill

In an age when women are clearly finding their voice, it is funny to look back to see how misunderstood we were by the men of Madison Avenue. As Jenna says: The sexism of 1950’s advertising is infamous, and for good reason. Sure, we have plenty of offensive ads today, but few hold a candle to the callous ads of the “good ‘ol days.” Read More

No More Small Talk

Inspiration comes from the strangest places. For this post, I was actually listening to an episode of the Modern Love podcast, which is comprised of a series of essays on life, love, and human interaction. I was inspired to write about questions designed to start a real conversation at your next networking event. Read More.

What Goes in the Footer and Other Tragic Web Design Mistakes

What is it about a train wreck? People can’t help stopping to look. We have this odd fascination with looking at other people’s mistakes. So this collection of web design faux pas by Peter was one of our most popular all year. Read More 

What the Crop? How to Handle Social Media Images

Social media sites routinely crop images, but the result is not always what you expect. The results are sometimes silly, sometimes downright awful. Jenna shares some of her favorite tips to avoid these mistakes. Read More

Social Media at a Halloween Party

What if social media platforms were people? What would they wear to a costume party? Lydia’s post will definitely leave you smiling. Read More

Free Samples? Donut Mind if I Do

Free give are always a great way to build traffic to your website or retail location and build brand awareness and loyalty if they are done correctly. Follow Melanie’s adventure to the opening of a pop-up donut shop. Spoiler, she walked away with a donut-sized Google Mini. Read More

Did I mention your favorite? If not, feel free to list it here. And if you are ready to start working on your own blog posts grab a copy of our easy-to-use blogging guide.

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