Happy Halloween and to all a good night! Wait. That’s not right. Whatever. ANYWAY.

You, like many others, are likely going (or went) to a Halloween party. Whilst there, you likely saw many a Pennywise, princess, Game of Thrones character, and perhaps even a Pregnant Kylie Jenner.

We here at the ‘Peg dreamt up what we thought our favorite Social Media Platforms would be if they were personified and went to a Halloween party:



Costume: Mom/Dad jeans, oversized flannel, tube socks and chuck taylors, probably a fanny pack

What they’re doing: Facebook is the partygoer that shows up on time, and leaves strictly by 9pm. Most likely to be the one asking if everyone has (or needs) a ride home. They’ve probably requested that “Monster Mash” be played.

What they’re drinking: Chardonnay with ice or domestic beer in a can



Costume: blue shirt with hashtags, newspaper in one hand, phone in the other

What they’re doing: Twitter is the person that doesn’t know how to make small talk. They’re likely going around talking about the crisis in the Middle East and the current Political Climate of the world. #TBH (to be honest), they’re sort of a downer…but like, you’re not not going to invite them and risk looking insensitive to today’s issues. Also, if they happen to overhear you talking about a current event, they’re 99% likely to intervene with a quick “Actually…”

What they’re drinking: Vodka Red Bull (mostly Red Bull)



Costume: Red shirt, with a rolling pin and sewing supplies

What they’re doing: Pinterest is probably the host of this party. They have planned for weeks to get their home in tip-top fall shape. They’ve strategically placed pumpkins, burlap, and pillows with phrases like “If you got it, haunt it” around the house. They were sure to let you know where you could find drinks, the bathroom, and the beer pong table within 5 minutes of your arrival. They also have plenty of couches/blow up mattresses if anyone needs to crash. They spend the whole party making sure everyone is having the BEST time!!

What they’re drinking: Apple cider and spiced rum in their favorite mason jar (warmed in a crockpot, of course)



Couples costume:

  • Her: her most fashionable outfit, decked out with plenty of accessories
  • Him: it doesn’t matter, he’s just got the camera draped around his neck

What they’re doing: She’s posing around the party with miscellaneous people, and he’s taking pictures. They’re probably also quietly fighting in private about something (likely due to the number of pictures she wants him to take). But as soon as they get back to where the party is at, everything is *super-duper* perfect.

What they’re drinking: her – nothing, she’s on a cleanse. Him – craft beer, and lots of it



Costume: Suit, law books, briefcase, and thick-rimmed glasses

What they’re doing: LinkedIn is the person handing out business cards. You know, anything can be a networking event if you try hard enough. They might even try a drinking game, but then remember their hand-eye coordination was never actually that good.

What they’re drinking: Macallan 18, neat



Costume: Virtual Reality Headset (literally in use), huge headphones with some sort of death metal playing loudly, crappy attitude

What they’re doing: Ok so G+ didn’t even want to come, and no one really wanted to invite them anyway, but they’re related to the boss so G+ sort of had to get invited. Anyway, you will find G+ standing off in the corner not socializing and counting down the minutes until they can go home.

What they’re drinking: warm milk

So, which costume is your favorite? And do you find yourself identifying with any of these partygoers? Drop us a comment, we’d love to hear from you. And Happy Halloween!!

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