So, how is this Friday the 13th treating you? We’ve had another busy week at the ‘Peg. Our first seminar of 2012 was sold out and several of the other upcoming seminars are already sold out so don’t delay signing up if you’d like to participate. Of course no matter how busy we do carve out time to blog. Check out what made it into the Roundpeg blog-o-sphere this week:

Saturday – Faces of Roundpeg: My Coach Matt
After resisting the idea of a sales coach for years, Lorraine succumbed to Matt Nettleton’s charm

Sunday – Know Thy Busines
Allison explains why it is important to know your business…strengths, weaknesses and boundaries.

Monday – Korea Taekwondo Academy – Breathe out the Old, Breathe in the New
One of our newest website redesigns, gets a fresh new look.

Tuesday – Are You Really My Friend If We Just Chat Online?
The relationships are real, just different.

More Than a Few Words: No Bullshit with Erik Deckers
Conversation about social media users who are serious about using this tool as part of their business marketing strategy.

Visiting A2 University
Lorraine had fun chatting with Troy Hanna ( @the funsalesdude) on the new A2 University podcast.

Wednesday –  Pinterest: The Next Big Thing or a Waste of Time?
Allison explains why she thinks Pintrerest will be “the next big thing in 2012”.

Thursday – From Real Time to My Time
Perhaps a change for the better in 2012 would be better time management? Check out how Lorraine is making this change.

Friday – I’ld Rather Be Fat….

In response to a blitz of follows and friend requests from IndyFitEverything, Lorraine suggests that this is not perhaps the best strategy for small business owners.