For Korea Taekwondo Academy, it was time to let go of an old design. Their passion is the practice and perfection of an ancient martial art, yet the school is on the competitive edge, always innovating and expanding. The outdated style of their website did not reflect this. With their move to a sparkling new facility, KTA was ready to invigorate their website with a crisp new look and a user-friendly engine.

Their previous website was built with technology and an art style long surpassed. KTA’s exciting pictures and demonstration videos were buried within difficult to navigate interior pages. Without the ability to easily update and refresh their website, KTA had little opportunity to show the world the power and fun of their sport.

Using the WordPress platform, we built KTA a website that changes all of that. Bright blue and red elements complement a clean, silvery style that shows off the prowess of the students and instructors. Under the hood, a powerful content management system lets the KTA leadership team update schedules and post test results and pictures even as the events unfold.

I attribute the success of this project to the KTA team’s organization, planning, and drive for excellence. They knew what they wanted and were willing to listen to us when we suggested new paths to achieve those goals. Even better, I know they’re committed to updating and maintaining their own website with the training we provided. KTA understands they can only extend their reach with fun and dynamic communication on their website and through their active social media accounts. We worked with KTA to shape up their website into a destination for total beginners, Taekwondo masters, and all the in-betweeners to start experiencing the same passion and excitement that powers this one-of-a-kind Academy.

This is just one of the many new sites we are launching this month at Roundpeg, an Indianapolis web design firm.  To keep KTA and many of our clients on track, we are now offering PressRefresh a monthly usergroup session for our WordPress clients.

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