As the  holidays approach, catching up on blogs may take a back seat to shopping, cooking and spending time with loved ones. No problem!  We’ve summarized the past week’s blog posts for you below so you can stay caught up on your reading and enjoy the holiday season.

Saturday – Faces of Roundpeg: My Roommate Eric
A chance encounter in a hallway made Roundpeg history.

Sunday – Show-offs: Bold Design for American Eagle Goals
Peter describes the process of designing a website from start to finish for American Eagle Goals.

Monday – Mixing Business with Pleasure in One Web Site
As another new website goes live, IPI Travel added the appeal of travel to the nursing profession to entice visitors to consider the option of a career in travel nursing.

Tuesday – It’s OK to Specialize in Social Media
For the small business owner, it’s better to  embrace one network and be great on it.

MTFWMore than a Few Words:  The Identity Crisis  For years, Lorraine used the @roundpeg Twitter account as both her personal account as well as the company account. But as the company grew and evolved, that situation became more and more difficult for Lorraine and the rest of the Roundpeg team. This week Lorraine and Allison talk frankly about challenges and benefits of making the transition to two accounts:  @roundpegand @lorraineball.

Wednesday – The Image of a Marketing Organization Chart
If you are blogging in order to improve your SEO, don’t forget to include an image which will appeal to humans and search engines alike.

Thursday – Redesigning Randall Beans: A Modern Recipe for a Classic Brand
Jenna explains how the redesign of the Randall Beans website updated the company’s presence in conjunction with their rebranding.

Friday – Is Your Brand Spineless?
Social media has enabled companies to get immediate feedback, especially when something goes wrong. Stay true to your brand but pay attention to the feedback you receive.