As some of you may know, we’ve been having a bit of an identity crisis here at Roundpeg. For years, Lorraine used the @roundpeg Twitter account as both her personal account as well as the company account. But as the company grew and evolved, that situation became more and more difficult for Lorraine and the rest of the Roundpeg team. A few months ago, Lorraine finally made a clean break and divided her persona into two distinct parts: @roundpeg and @lorraineball.

We talked about why we made this decision and how other small business owners or solopreneurs can deal with the issue of just where they stop and the company begins on social media.

Listen to the edited program here:

Editor’s note.  This was recorded back in the day, when More Than A Few Words was a live show.  We are really glad we don’t do that anymore, but we do miss the interaction of the live Twitter feed.While few people would call it, there was quite a lively conversation on Twitter.  These days the conversations have been moved to Facebook live sessions, but it isn’t quite the same as having someone tweeting in real time the conversations.

This was a topic I continued to talk about for the next year as we moved through the painful process of separating the two identities.  The end result is a great personal brand for me and a company brand built cumulatively by the team at Roundpeg.