Saturday – Intern Insight
Looking for an internship or know someone who is? Here are tips to help the potential intern stand out from the pack.

Sunday – Substance >Style
Striving to be the coolest website out there? Pay attention to the content of your site.

Monday – September Small Business Seminars
Our new conference room/training room is ready, check the September schedule of free seminars and be amongst the first to learn in our new space.

Tuesday – Where Do You Play in Social Media?
Lorraine summarizes the results of the 2011 Social Media Survey.

Wednesday – MTFW: Beer Marketing
In our latest episode of MTFW, we talk with Mike Thilman, a district manager for world class beverages as he addresses how his company competes in the craft beer market and Hazel Walker, founder of Lipstick on the Rim, a beer appreciation group created by women for women who has some very specific opinions about the mistakes beer marketers are making.

Thursday –  First Week Down

Brittany our newest intern reflects on her first week at Roundpeg: Well, I survived! Week one of my internship is down and Allison didn’t eat me alive, make me cry or even scream obscenities at me. That’s a good sign, right?!