At Roundpeg, we receive a steady stream of intern applications all year long…and most of them go directly into the trash with no follow-up phone interview, let alone an in-person chat. Probably many of these students would make wonderful interns, but they don’t present themselves in a way that makes me want to take time out of my schedule to chat with them. If you’re on the prowl for an internship, here are a few tips to make your resume rise to the top of the pile:

  • Know what you’re applying for. At Roundpeg, we have job descriptions that talk in detail about what each does. But it’s still amazing to see how many people apply for an internship they have no interest in. Additionally, if the job seems far outside your natural skill set (like a supply chain management major applying for a marketing internship), explain why you’re interested in the position and what knowledge you can bring to the table.
  • Write a cover letter. Yes, it seems obvious, but so many people neglect to add a cover letter so writing almost anything will make you stand out. I know, writing cover letters is always awkward and never fun, but they do make a  huge impact. Use this space to show  you’ve researched the company and are enthusiastic about the position.
  • Proof until you puke. I know you’ve heard this a million times, but we keep seeing resumes and cover letters with huge errors in them–typographical, grammatical, or logical, like calling us by the wrong company name (we aren’t called Squarepeg, thanks). Proof read everything until your eyes swim, then have someone else take a look at it. It will help you–trust me.
  • Follow up:  The right follow up can take your resume from the bottom of the pile to the top. If you’re applying for a social media job, find me on Twitter and reach out, or post something on our Facebook fan page. Or, a polite and interested phone call. It’ll make you stand out. A lot.
If you’re a prospective Roundpeg intern and you made it to the end of this blog post, tell us about it! It’ll impress the heck out of us. And if you’re looking for an Indianapolis internship, get in touch. Good luck!