Spring has finally arrived, and with it more sunshine, which always improves my attitude.  The fun of a road trip to find the West Coast Taco truck and a St. Patrick’s Day drink with the entire Roundpeg crew didn’t hurt either.  But with all the fun, we have also gotten some serious work done, and had time to write a few intersting blog posts.  If you haven’t had time to stop by all week, here is a sample of what you missed.

Saturday Most Profitable Customers Savvy small business owners track marketing leads in order to focus on the most profitable potential clients.

Sunday Stumbling Upon Opportunity Business leads come from unexpected places, “stumbling” systematically often leads to new business.

Monday Fun and Profit The hard-working, fun culture at Roundpeg appeals to potential clients as well as potential interns.

Tuesday The Next Big Thing – Episode One Jay Mattingly, Director of Marketing at Roundpeg, and his new iPhone set off on new adventures. Here is the first in a series of podcasts with young professionals in the community.

Wednesday Building a Local Business Tips for developing your business on a local level.

Thursday The Rules of Roundpeg Every organization: club, gang, tribe or company has rules.  These rules, official and unofficial often rise from shared values and create the “culture”.  Just like any other organization, we have our own rules at Roundpeg.