laughting groupEvery organization: club, gang, tribe or company has rules.  These rules, official and unofficial often rise from shared values and create the “culture” .  As new members join the organization, the rules are passed on; formally through policies, manuals and orientation sessions or informally.

At Roundpeg, our culture is hardworking, but lighthearted, warm, friendly and fun.  As we consider expansion, there is always the concern that we will lose part of our culture.  I know, our “rules” will help us retain that culture.  So what are the “Rules of Roundpeg?”

  • The phone is answered on the first ring – We leap over desks and make a game of racing to see who can answer it first, so our clients, prospects and friends are never kept waiting.
  • I am the voice mail – You can leave a message, but you can’t roll to voice mail.   The personal touch often helps callers get their questions answered or problem resolved sooner.
  • Coke, water or coffee – Hospitality is a central part of the our culture. We think of our office in the little white house as an extension of home   Visitors come in through the kitchen and get offered a drink or piece of what ever we are having for lunch on their way in.   The warm, informal atmosphere is one of the reasons people  like to drop by and  hang out.
  • Must love dogs, and tolerate cats – Our animals, Bonnie, Clyde and Maybee are an important part of Roundpeg.  Their antics  charm clients and prospects, I think they are perhaps our best sales people.  And on a busy day, they interrupt us, and make us laugh, giving us the much needed break
  • We don’t have staff, we have teams,  crews, posses and minions, – I have never liked the term “staff”.  It just doesn’t describe our collaborative environment, so I prefer team.  Jay and Taylor are just a bit cooler then I am are more likely to use the term crew or posse. Allison, a big fan of  Despicable Me, hopes to have minions some day.   Staff, team, crew, posse or minion?  Maybe the best term is family, somewhat dysfunctional, but a family none the less.

And it is that family feeling which has led us to the last rule of Roundpeg. Want to know what it is?  You will have to watch the video to find out!