What do snow angels, paper football, and cats have to do with business?

A lot, if you’re Roundpeg. Make no mistake: we work very hard at Roundpeg. There’s rarely an idle minute in our little white house. But we also take the time to have fun with our jobs, whether it’s trying out a new restaurant together or getting into an impromptu snowball fight.

There are a few reasons we feel this is so important. First, everyone needs time to relax in their jobs, blow off some steam, and bond as a cohesive team. At Roundpeg, we all have to work closely on nearly every project. It’s a lot harder to do that if you don’t get along with your coworkers, and these little breaks help to bring us closer together.

But the second reason is that these activities are good marketing. That may sound callous and calculating to some, but it’s the truth. We use the pictures, video, tweets and Facebook posts from around the office to build a brand identity: a casual, fun office where everyone is welcome to drop by for a Diet Coke and some gentle teasing. It’s also a crucial part of our intern recruitment program. Since our internships are unpaid, that nebulous category of fun is one of the major benefits we offer.

How do you show the world your office culture, and build your identity? Try using flip cam video of everyday office activities, or take photos of times when you’re all just enjoying yourself. You’ll be surprised at how much potential clients enjoy these glimpses into your world.