Our blog has evolved, and is now composed of many voices, not just mine.  This past week was a great example of that richness, with posts by Allison, Jennifer  and Jay, a podcast with Erik Deckers and video content from Rock Walls.  Here is a list of what you missed if you didn’t have a chance to drop by this week.

Saturday –

Why the cat may be the most important part of our team

But it may just be that Clyde the cat is most crucial to Roundpeg’s success. Sure, she sleeps most of the time, annoys the heck out of Jay, and can be a real nuisance. But at the same time, Clyde is one neat encapsulation of our company culture.

Sunday –

Building from Within

The end of year meeting was a time when we could all set company and personal goals, and challenge each other to grow and learn.  Quite often, it’s easy to get so overwhelmed with work you forget to step back and analyze the bigger picture. Are you still on the path to where you want to be? If not, what changes to you need to make?

Thoughts on Marketing

A short video interview I did in preparation for meetings with Rheem dealers this spring

Monday –

Three Video Tips from Rocky Walls

However, today’s post by Rocky Walls of 12 Stars Media is definitely an original.   When I asked him for a post about video tips  I should have expected a video company to deliver the content via video.

Tuesday –

In CRM Relationship is Key

From my perspective, the “R” is the most important part of a good CRM tool.   I can put addresses in a spreadsheet. I can keep job records and communications in client files, but the integrated nature of a good CRM tool, allows me to pull it all together, and create a snapshot of the relationship I have with that person.

Wednesday –

Throw Momma on the Train

I have been nagging, cajoling, pressuring and even bordering on bullying my 67-year old mother to get a Facebook page. She is a long-distance grandmother, and laments not being involved in the daily lives of her grandsons.

Thursday –

Branding Yourself with Erik Deckers

I sat down with Erik Deckers, one of the owners of the ProBlog Service sat down with me in a noisy coffee shop to talk about his new book about personal branding.