Coming up with a steady stream of rich, relevant content for our readers can be a lot of work.  That’s why I occasionally research subject matter experts on twitter, or simply reach out to friends to write guest posts for our blog.  The results are wonderful as each writer brings a different perspective, experience and tone to our blog.

I usually keep the specifications fairly broad, 250 – 300 words on a topic relevant to small business owners.  In return I have hosted posts about business etiquette, recruiting, email, time management and SEO.

However, today’s post by Rocky Walls of 12 Stars Media is definitely an original.   When I asked him for a post about video tips  I should have expected a video company to deliver the content via video.  So here is today’s post a video blog from Rocky about three things to keep in mind when you are shooting a video.

Video Highlights:

As you are preparing to shoot a video Rocky’s  three tips will improve the end product.

  1. Use bullet points instead of a script.  I absolutely agree with this.  Let’s face it the video won’t sound or look natural if you try to read it and memorizing it can actually be more stressful
  2. Know your destination. When you start recording have an endpoint in mind. Even if you get a little lost along the way you can bring the video back on track if you know where you want to end up
  3. Keep moving forward.  As the cameras roll you are bound to make small mistakes.  Just keep going.  What may seem like a glaring blooper to you at the time will often go unnoticed if you just keep going.

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