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Your Employees Need to Make Hand Turkeys

We like to have a little bit of fun here and there around Roundpeg. Whether it's an office outing to visit the art museum, donuts in the morning to celebrate a birthday or a mid-week Starbucks run, it stays pretty lively around here. On the week of me writing this, it...

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Food, Glorious Food Marketing

If you know anything about the Roundpeg crew, you know we love food. Donuts, cupcakes, and cheese top our list. But we also love quirky local restaurants, food trucks, and delivery services. Fortunately, for our waistlines, we have outlets for all our food fantasies...

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Marketing Automation Overview

Websites and marketing tools are smarter than ever. Today you can track prospective customers from your email to your website and back again.

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Branding Yourself

Today, Erik Deckers is recognized across the country as a humorist, author, and marketer. But just a decade ago, that wasn’t the case.  He was new in town, with few contacts in the city.

So how did Erik make that transition, building his personal brand?

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SEO Basics

SEO is a complicated topic.  But Nicole McCullum  breaks it down to a few simple ideas every business owner can start using right away.

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Using the Carpet Bombing Technique on Facebook

How does carpet bombing work? For the answer to that question, I turned to One Click Lindsey who shared the case of a chiropractor who used carpet bombing advertising strategy to identify a small segment of his community suffering from back pain. 

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Women Entrepreneurs

Every entrepreneur faces challenges as they try to get their business off the ground.
Susana Fonticoba thinks women face additional challenges when it comes to pricing and speaking up.

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Talking about Ourselves

Josh Hayman Trying to get prospective customers to engage with you on Facebook or your website?  Josh Haynam of suggests you ask people questions which help them learn something about themselves. Polls and quizzes allow people to talk...

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