The Challenge

Randall Beans has been cooking the best beans for more than a hundred years and packing them into their trademark glass jars. They have a big following among grandmothers across the Midwest, but wanted to tap into a younger audience of cooks across the country.

The family-owned business knew they needed to be on social media, but where should they start? They came to us for answers.

The Solution

Use content marketing to build awareness and loyalty.

  • Build a recipe library with photography
  • Share original recipes and blog posts with community on Facebook
  • Build an extensive Pinterest page
  • Develop downloadable cookbooks
  • Use email to promote new content and share coupons
  • Create a new mobile responsive website

Start with Pictures

Randall Beans needed recipes with big, beautiful pictures to fuel their content program and support their social media, SEO and email activities.


Partnered with Food Bloggers

Randall Beans had lots of classic recipes, but we needed something fresh to entice a new generation.

We connected them with young food bloggers who develop recipes, take wonderful pictures and use their own social media community to share the Randall Beans message.

Facebook and Pinterest

Targeting women with our beautiful images we selected Facebook and Pinterest as the core of our social program.

Why? 72% of women have Facebook accounts and  25% love pinning on Pinterest.  The result has been strong social engagement.


Collections Grew Email List

Quarterly collections of similar recipes, chili and stews in the winter and salads in the summer, were compiled into digital cookbooks.

Promoted via social channels these collections encouraged visitors to enroll in their email program.

The Results:

More Web Traffic Leads to More Sales


Randall Beans’ web traffic has grown dramatically, driven mainly by long-tail keyword searches (those are the kinds of natural phrases people type into search engines, like “pinto bean side dish for Thanksgiving”). Pinterest is their single largest traffic referrer, bringing new eyes to the site every day.

The boost in business has inspired Randall Beans to increase their product offerings, growing from three varieties of beans to eight.


Increase in Web Traffic


Increase in Page Views


Email List Growth