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If you use advanced Twitter features right, Twitter can be one of the most powerful tools in your back pocket. But, Twitter does a pretty bad job of showing you its advanced features. Sure, most people think they know how to use Twitter, but they probably don’t. That’s why so many people fail.

So, what are some of these Twitter features? Let’s take a look.

Advanced Search

Up first is the “advanced search.” It’s easily the most underutilized Twitter feature. It honestly blows my mind how few people know this. If you want to find someone’s best tweets, head to the search bar. There, you can type from:[handle] min_faves:[number] and you’ll be able to see the best tweets from that person or company! So, it’d look something like this – from:staaaaaaci min_faves:100. Voila. You can now see my top 100 tweets. Feel free to change the number to whatever you like.

What if you want to see someone’s tweets on a particular topic? Again, head to the search bar. This time you’ll type from:[handle] “[word]” and if you’re feeling crazy, you can add min_faves:[number] to the end. For this Twitter feature, it’d look like – from:staaaaaaci “festival” min_faves:10. Have fun creeping!


So, what Twitter feature is next? Lists. This might be my favorite feature that I personally use.

Do you have multiple interests? If so, you can create different lists for each of them. Then, pin them to the top of your timeline and swipe easily between them! It’s like having multiple Twitter accounts in the same place. Plus, it stops you from doomscrolling. I have some different lists for things such as design thinking, marketing tips, and, of course, music festivals. This allows me to easily stay on top of trending topics! The best part is, you can add as many lists as you like.

Pin a Tweet

I’m surprised by how many people don’t use this Twitter feature. Most people probably know about it, but not many are taking advantage of it. We know that Twitter can be a great marketing tool for any business, big or small. That’s why it’s so important to “perfect” your profile.

The good news is Twitter allows you to pin one tweet permanently on your profile. The purpose of doing this is to highlight a particular tweet so that you can promote it more effectively. Once you pin a Tweet, it’ll be the first thing visitors see until you decide to change it! You can pin a coupon or special, or pin a new blog post. It’s totally up to you.

There are some more Twitter features out there, but these three are ones that will easily change your Twitter game. I recently wrote a post about Twitter Fleets, the newest feature to be rolled out on Twitter. While the feature itself isn’t too impressive, I’m hopeful that it’ll pick up some momentum in the future.

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