The Cobbler’s Children Have New Shoes

by | Apr 6, 2020 | Blog, Roundpeg, SEO | Web Design

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There is an old saying that the cobbler’s children are always barefoot. The implication is that he was so busy making shoes for others that he has no time to make shoes for his own children.

As we build beautiful WordPress websites for our clients, we often feel like we are a cobbler family. We look longingly at the new tools, special effects, and interesting design elements we lovingly build into each design and hope to add them to Roundpeg …  someday.

A year ago we made the decision to treat Roundpeg like a client, scheduling time to work on our marketing. We started with the launch of our Digital Toolbox and More than a Few Words websites.

These projects gave us a chance to test new tools, such as MemberPress which fuels the Digital Toolbox and One Signal Push Notifications to notify our listeners when a new episode is available. Though very different in styling and purpose, the use of Roundpeg teal, lots of white space, and a common font, Fira Sans, creates a cohesive experience as visitors move from one site to another.

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New website

new shoes for roundpeg

Finally it was time to buy a new pair of shoes for our favorite child, We started the process by reviewing all the previous versions of the Roundpeg website.

Looking back, I realized I really liked our teal color and wanted to see more of it in the new design. TaLeah noticed we had stopped using the big, round Clarendon font that brings the “round” to Roundpeg.

While our sites felt sleek and modern, they also looked a bit like every other web design firm. So we made the decision to bring back Clarendon for headers and accents to give the site a distinctively Roundpeg feel.

We talked about messaging and hierarchy. The same questions our clients struggle with, we struggled with. What is our first message and where do we send visitors to learn more? We settled on something that is central to our core philosophy, that each business is different.

That message drove the design of the homepage, with its reoccuring boxes that are sprinkled throughout the rest of the site and incorporated into some of our new social shares.

Next we did our research. The team fanned out accross the country (virtually) to find “best in class” agency web designs. We saw innovative team pages, impressive portfolios, and creative service descriptions. We argued (ok, passionately discussed)  what felt like Roundpeg, and what didn’t.

Just as we do for every new website design project, we balanced the beautiful with the practical. Sure, some of the sites we saw were really cool, but maintaining them over time would be a full time job. For each page, we wanted something that was interesting but easy to maintain, because we aren’t going to get new shoes again for awhile!

Perhaps the liveliest discussion was around the Meet the Team page. We pride ourselves on being comfortable with quirky and out of the box solutions so it was important that this page, more than any other, conveyed that feeling. Be sure to stop by, meet the team before you leave today.

Our portfolio, powered by the Visual Portfolio plugin gave us a chance to showcase our very best of work in an innovative and inviting style which will easily adapt as we complete new projects.


welcome to the new roundpeg

I love how the new website turned out. The messaging and design elements work together seamlessly to present Roundpeg in a style that is  light and fresh and best of all, completely unique to us. So, while you are here, look around, check out our services, learn more about our process and catch up on a few blog posts.

We are done with our website redesign. We are going to enjoy our shiny new shoes. And now, we have time to create something wonderful for you.

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