Our Pawfect Work Environment: The Benefits of Office Pets

by Sep 26, 2019Blog, Roundpeg

Anyone who follows Roundpeg knows about our resident office cats Benny and ClydeBut did you know that the little white house is frequented by other four-legged friends? Howl, Bella, Mango, and Penny are just a few of the pups who have spent some time “working” in the bullpen. If Lando, my beloved rattie-doxie mix, had his way, he’d be sitting on my lap right now. (And let’s be honest- he typically has his way.)

Bringing Mr. Pawrissian into the office doesn’t just alleviate separation anxiety between this girl and her pup. Lando’s presence actually benefits the entire office as soon as the crew hears the pitter-patter of his feet. 

Office Pets Reduce Stress For Owners and Pets

petstatistics lando2Leaving Lando at home is stressful. Like many rescues, my boy came with some baggage. In that baggage is a hefty dose of FOMO (fear of missing out). He has a very hard time being left alone and becomes unpredictable as soon as he hears me go for the door. Having the ability to bring him with me to the office makes mornings easier for both of us.

Sure Lando benefits from stress-reduction when he gets to “go for a ride,” but so does the team. Studies show that simply petting a friendly dog or cat can instantly reduce anxiety and reduce heart rate. Other studies have also proven that even the presence of a furry friend can lower a person’s blood pressure. It is easier to take office mishaps like a computer crash, a tense client, or an annoying telemarketer in stride when you can turn around and nuzzle a pup.

Office Pets Increase Morale

Everyone here at Roundpeg gets excited when they hear the tapping of little paws. Well, at least all of us who walk on two feet. The cats are not always happy sharing their space and there is usually a bit of a ruckus in the first 5-10 minutes of the day, but once everyone has settled down, we actually are able to focus better than ever. 

Taking breaks is very important for our mental (and physical) health, and our furry friends are well trained to remind us of that fact. A brisk, five-minute walk around the house while Lando does his thing is a great excuse to step away from my desk and get some vitamin K. It’s the perfect setup for an epiphany as well!

Office Pets Improve Relationships

Despite his feline heritage, Benny is quite the talker. His uncanny character has been the trigger for many a conversation in the bullpen, which in turn has helped us bond into a little work family. I like to think that our social support system here is incredibly strong. Having Benny, Clyde, and other furry visitors only bolsters those relationships. 46cfdc9a 6b91 4e91 bc5e 86ed3283eaaf

It’s funny how much easier it is for people to bond with and around pets. Some research has shown that certain people actually bond better with pets than with their closest humans. This includes their spouses

All in all, a safe social environment is also a more relaxed setting. With less stress, we’re able to better focus on the tasks at hand at a higher capacity. 

Employee Attraction & Retention

Happy employees are less likely to want to move on to a different employer. And research has proven that having animals around makes many people happy – especially millennials. Our generation, as numerous sources like to point out, has been focusing on our careers more.

Many of us are waiting longer to get married and start families. Instead of having human children, we adopt pets and raise them as our own. Having the ability to bring my “baby boy” into the office keeps me from feeling the pressure to leave at a specific time to free him from his crate. 

Other Considerations

Dog (and cat) friendly work environments are on the rise. Google, Amazon, Etsy, Salesforce, and Roundpeg are only a few examples of companies that allow furry friends in their offices. In most cases, the integration of humans and pets didn’t happen overnight. Factors such as allergies, phobias, building restrictions, and damage control all need to be considered.

7 10employers clydeAs a small office, it was easy for Roundpeg to implement pet policies for the office. Those who work in urban office buildings or with food may have a harder time lobbying for a pet-friendly environment. It’s been over 11 years since the first dog stepped foot in the little white house. Lando and I are thankful Bonnie and Clyde got along well back then, because their relationship paved the way for the pet-friendly environment Roundpeg has today.