When I worked at home, my cats would hang out on my desk. I have to admit I missed them when we moved into our office on 106th Street.

I love animals, and always thought it would be cool to have one of those offices with laid back pets roaming comfortably.  And now I do.

final bonnieFirst Came Bonnie

About six months ago, my assistant, Rebecca, asked if she could bring her dog Bonnie to the office while they were remodeling at home.  This was no small request,  Bonnie is an 85 pound Bouvier des Flanders, (For those of you not familiar with the breed, she looks more like a bear, then a dog)

Well Bonnie came, made herself at home, and we are very glad she did.  Each day when she arrives with Rebbecca, she checks out each office to see who is in, then settles down for a nap in my office. She pops up when visitors arrive, says hello and goes back to sleep.

Then Came Clyde

Clyde as a Kitten

And now we have added a Kitty!   Her name is Clyde.  Get it?  Bonnie and Clyde.  At 2 pounds she already rules the roost, terrorizes the dog, and makes her home on desks and laps.   Although distracting, she certainly livens things up, makes people laugh and look forward to coming to the office.

Next, I think we need a bird!