Who is Your Customer?

Defining an ideal customer allows you to focus your product designs and marketing messages.

Use our Guide to Buildinga Customer Persona to describe your best prospects.

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What does a Customer Persona Include?

There are four main sections to a Persona: The Who, The What, The Why, and The How. Using data from surveys and your interactions with real customers, divide your market into segments and build a persona for each segment. It may take a while to answer all the questions. Don’t rush the process, it is important to get it right because you will use this profile throughout your marketing.

Use this guide to:

Define your “who” looking at background demographics and personal identifiers
Outline “what” these customers want.  The challenges they face and how you can help them
Discover the “why” by getting inside their heads, using their words and objections to craft your message
Map out your “how” with a position statement, marketing message and elevator pitch.