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What’s in this kit:

Blog Basics – Let us show you: what to write about, how to build a calendar and use content you already created elsewhere

Sample Content Calendar – Great content doesn’t happen by accident. You need a plan. What will you be sharing on social media or on your blog a week or month from now? What about in six months? How will your different marketing activities work together to drive sales?

Blank Content Calendar – Here it is. Seize it, shape it, make it yours. With our free spreadsheet, you have a year-at-a-glance tool which lets you identify themes and brainstorm ideas on how those themes can be incorporated into blog posts, graphics video and email newsletters.

More Resources For You


The first step to creating really interesting and relevant blog content is to release the idea that the blog is about you and your business. It isn’t.

As Jennifer Riley Simone, founder of Fresh Figs Marketing explains, great blog posts are about the questions your customers have. Your next great blog post is right there in the conversation you just had with a prospective client. Make a list of the most frequently asked questions and you are well on your way to blog content that your customers will care about.

     Blog Posts:

Blogging Questions If you are new to blogging you probably have a lot of questions about why you should be blogging, how often you need to write, what to write about, and do I have to be a professional writer to create interesting blogs. Read More

Content Marketing Recipe – If you are thinking about a content marketing program I have both good and bad news. The bad news? Content marketing is complex with lots of pieces, including blogs, social media, podcasts, white papers, and email. Read More

Video: Connect with Content

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