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Finding Your Ideal Customer Workbook
Persona Worksheet
Positioning Statement Workbook

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Finding Your Ideal Customer – You may still sell your products and services to many people but your marketing will be most effective when you focus your message on a few specific audiences.

Persona Worksheet – One of the best strategies to help you zero in on your ideal client is to build customer personas.

Positioning Statement Workbook – Who is your customer? Who are you? How can you help your customer? If you can’t answer these three questions, your marketing can’t possibly succeed. That’s where a position statement comes in.

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#172 - Brand Position: Where Do You Fit?

More than just marketing hype, your brand position statement is about creating an impression of your company in the mind of your prospective customer. It is the basis on which all your other marketing should be built. A positioning statement contains the following elements: description of the target customer, benefits sought by the target customer to solve a specific problem, and your unique solution.

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The Easiest Sale | How to talk to existing customers
As business owners, we work hard to find each client. Often, once we have closed the sale, we turn our marketing attention to the next prospect, and the next and the next. But that may not be the best strategy.  Here’s Why

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