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Blog Post Planner
Content Calendar
Blogging Basics Workbook

what’s in this kit:

Blog Post Planner – A successful blog is filled with a steady stream of keyword rich, well written, relevant content that is properly categorized. Sometimes, writing a 500-word post is the easy part. This checklist will help you manage the other steps.

Content Calendar – This simple one-page spreadsheet is a great tool to help you stay on track with your content marketing all year long. No matter how big or small your content program, a well-organized calendar will help you be proactive.

Blogging Basics – Let us show you: what to write about, how to build a calendar and use content you already created elsewhere.

bonus resources:


#328 - Creating Content With Jennifer Riley Simone

The first step to creating really interesting and relevant blog content is to release the idea that the blog is about you and your business. It isn't.

blog post

Content Calendar 101

Sometimes we can get so involved with the newest and shiniest, that we forget about basics. But the basics are your foundation. They’re what a business can build off of, and they’re incredibly important to master. READ MORE

marketing moves fast

It’s hard to stay current and still run a business. Let us help you stay up-to-date with tips, tools, trends, and training.

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