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What’s in this kit:

Content Calender – You need a plan. What will you be sharing on social media or on your blog a week or month from now? What about in six months? How will your different marketing activities work together to drive sales?

Digital Marketing Plan – Stop wasting time and money. Effective marketing doesn’t happen by accident. It is built on a solid foundation which includes a clear definition of your ideal customer and their needs along with an objective assessment of your sales process and goals.

Inbound Budget – Shifts the emphasis of your marketing. Stop pushing information at people and focus on pulling interested people to your website. Earn the right to sell. Inbound marketing is transforming the way consumers gather information. Consumers and businesses alike take their time gathering data before making a purchasing decision.

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Use Facebook to make connections, but don’t forget to grow your email list too. – Your digital plan should include a strategy to grow your email list.

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Video: Digital Trends 2018

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