As with everything, trends in marketing and advertising come and go. Some have a longer lifespan than others, and some have the lifespan of a fruit fly (I’m looking at you Google Glass).

Let’s take a look at a few trends that are emerging, a few that are dying, and one that’s even coming back into style.

**Quick note before proceeding: these are just my personal opinions, and in no way the opinions of Roundpeg.**

Out: Radio Advertising

Who listens to the radio anymore? Me. I do. Every single day. BUT – that does not change the fact that I am an anomaly.

The vast majority of the population no longer listens to radio. More importantly, the new generations (A.K.A Millennials and Gen Z) are not listening to the radio, soon these generation will account for over 40% of the population, and very few of them will be listening to the radio. You could argue that since most Generation Z is not of driving age yet, that that’s reason they don’t listen.

Au contraire, dear reader, by 2020, the U.S. Department of Transportation is estimating over 75% of cars will be connected to digital services. With Satellite Radio, AUX cords, Bluetooth, iTunes, Pandora, and Spotify – there are tons of ways to get the music you want at that exact moment, with no interruptions.

In a recent study, it was found that 19% those ages 12-24 use radio to discover new music in 2017 – down from 28% just the year before. Note, there are definitely studies out there that are reporting the opposite.

Radio is the next cassette tape, in my opinion – no one thinks it’ll really ever go away until it does.

Out: Static images as Ads

Prepare yourself. I’m going to use the “A word” in this section: algorithm.

The Facebook algorithm favors video over static images. The more engaging an ad or post is, the more likely it is to be seen. Recently, you may have been scrolling through Facebook, have seen a funny meme, and clicked to screenshot it, only to find out it was a video.

Whatever entity created and distributed this meme realized that videos do better than images on Facebook due to the algorithm, and broke out iMovie. By simply turning a static image into a 10 or 15 second video, you’ll see much more reach and higher impressions on your ads.

But honestly, this is a bit of a cheap trick. Turning a static image into a video might help your reach, but also may decrease your validity. I would suggest taking the time to actually create a 15 second video with dynamic content.

More than anything, brands that do not change their marketing strategy to meet Facebook’s ever-changing algorithm are not going to be happy with the results of their ads or post.

In: Live streaming often

On that same note, live streaming is definitely “in” for 2018. We definitely saw it take off in 2017, but I think 2018 is when we’ll see more big name brands using it in their social media strategy.

Why? Because Facebook loves Facebook. Even more than just video, Facebook’s algorithm favors Facebook Live.

More than just Facebook’s algorithm, is audience opinion. Eighty percent of people would rather watch a live video, and 65% of people have watched a live stream in the last year. (You can read the full report here).

I also think it will become more common for companies and individuals to use it often. Currently, it’s a bit taboo to use Facebook Live on a regular basis, but I predict that this year we’ll see our favorite brands using it at least once a week.

What I’m wondering is this: will we begin to see other platforms jump on the live streaming fad – could you imagine a Twitter Live? Maybe the user gets 2 minutes or less of Live Streaming? Or a LinkedIn Live – where potential employees post live videos of why they’re the perfect candidate! I joke, I kid. But I really do think that Live streaming is “in.”

Coming back into Style: Direct Mail

As a 24 year old, I can not emphasize enough how excited I am when I get mail. Yesterday I checked my mailbox and I had 6 Holiday Cards and 2 bills. It was so fun to open them! Let me say that again – it was fun.

If I, a mere millennial, get this excited at the prospect of mail, imagine what Gen Z would think! I think businesses are realizing that this is something that is coming back into style and that the newer generations appreciate.

But don’t just take my word for it – let the numbers back it up. Check out this comprehensive report here.

So as you can see, trends come and go in every market, and often, some come back into style. What trends do you predict will be “in” and “out” in 2018? Share your thoughts with me on Twitter @lydiacecile.

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