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In the Neighborhood – Local SEO Tips

SEO Checklist


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What’s in this kit:

SEO Checklist – With more than 700,000,000 sites worldwide, how do you claw your way to the front of page one?

Local SEO – As a business, how easy is it to find you online?  Make sure your neighbors can find you


More Resources For You


SEO Tips For Small Business – SEO is a complicated topic.  But Nicole McCullum of Captivate Designs breaks it down to a few simple ideas every business owner can start using right away. 

     Blog Posts:

Four things you probably didn’t (but should) know about SEO Do you get frustrated with SEO? It’s okay, everyone does. The fine line between being found and not being found on Google search is a bit of an oddity for content marketers, web designers, and business owners alike. Read More

Improve SEO without overhauling your website –Business owners lose sleep at night worrying about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and where their website ranks in Google search.Read More

Video: Drive New Business With Social Media

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