marketing fitness kit


Web Audit
SEO Audit
SWOT Matrix Worksheet

what’s in this kit:

Audit Your Website – Are you welcoming visitors and turning them into prospects or turning them off and sending them back to Google?  Use our step by step process to improve your website performance. 

SEO Audit –  Every website should have the basic SEO tools in place. Does yours?

SWOT Matrix Worksheet –  Most business owners dream of a way to predict the future.  While we can’t give you a crystal ball, our S.W.O.T matrix worksheet will prepare you for whatever comes your way.

bonus resources:


#285 - Audit Your Website Pt. 1 - Design

Learn what to look for, and how to update the design and visual appeal of your website.


#287 - Audit Your Website Pt. 2 - Content

Your website has to do more than just look good, it needs to be filled with keyword rich, recent and relevant content.

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