As a social media specialist, there are times I find it tough to think of new topics or even a creative spin on an old topic. I only have so much creativity before my ideas feel repetitive and boring. To spark my creative juices and keep up with the latest trends, I like to look at the top Facebook pages. I get inspiration for blog posts and great Facebook ideas that I can use for my clients.

Here’s some of the top content I hope will inspire you as much as it did me. 

1.) The North Face

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Business: The North Face
Pages Likes: 4,947,911

When you first enter The North Face, you’re greeted with lots of beautiful photos and videos of badass people climbing mountains. As you continue your exploration you will notice they rarely “sell” their products.

The content is about the people that wear the brand. Yes, you will occasionally get a new summer collection of products, but they are never forcing those products on you. They instead utilize photos of influencers in the rock/mountain climbing community,  people hanging from the side of a mountain, with no harness or straps, true adrenaline junkies!

They also have invested a good amount of money on creating their own video content. Videos (like the one above) about an adventure-seeking, mountain climbing mother for Mother’s Day; to a man paralyzed from the waist down and his life long dream of climbing Yosemite’s El Capitan. Less focus on the products they sell and more emphasis on their brand identity. 

2.) Nutella

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Business: Nutella
Page Likes: 31,928,103

I am truly amazed at how many people like the Nutella page. I have only had Nutella maybe once in my life, so perhaps I am crazy but I don’t understand the craze. None the less, there are a significant number of people that like this page, so they must be doing something right.

A quick audit through the page and I am hungry and my mouth is watering. They have a tough job though, in that they only have one product to sell and they must make their content stay fresh and interesting.

Nutella has done that by producing a wide variety of visual content. A lot of their money in the last year has been spent on Tasty-esque videos, like the video above of mouth-watering recipes. I honestly don’t know if Nutella is doing much different from many other social media accounts, but their investment in creating this variety of content has made their Facebook page very successful.  

3.) Starbucks

Screen Shot 2017 05 29 at 9.31.23 PM

Business: Starbucks
Pages Likes: 36,749,345

Looking through the page quickly, I feel like I’m going through the feed of an Instagram model, minus the selfies. So, lots of visually appealing images of their drinks in a variety of environments. It may be a little cliche, but it works.

What Starbucks also does really well is interact with their community. One of their recent posts had 23k thousand shares and over 11k comments. From what I could see, there was a response to every comment made. That is a lot of work! I don’t envy the person with this job. 

Screen Shot 2017 05 29 at 10.30.47 PM

You may know about Starbucks most recent venture into Unicorn land. They kicked off this campaign on their social media platforms and it soon went viral. This post about the limited time event was the most popular post of recent time with 174k likes and over 50,000 shares.

These posts about limited time drinks and specials really help to drive business. They also make sure to hit on the human element by including videos about their employees, including this one about a store manager who served in the army for 27 years.

4.) Tough Mudder

Screen Shot 2017 05 29 at 9.33.24 PM

Business: Tough Mudder
Page Likes: 4,200,349

Healthy eating and personal fitness have been huge on social media. The Tough Mudder is the ultimate event for those looking to challenge themselves in a fun and unique way. Social media is where it really took off and became popular. At every event, they take thousands of photos, you can easily find your photos and share them on Facebook. That alone helped spread the message and grow the popularity of the event.

Along with great photos and videos of people competing, this page has also taken advantage of the live feature and broadcasted some of the recent events. During their offseason, since they only run events from April-August, they’ve had to come up with other strategies. In that downtime, they have become a go-to fitness page with posts about workouts and tips for exercising.

What I Learned

After looking at the top Facebook pages, I am reminded again about how important Facebook is for connecting with your audience. Starbucks replies to all of their comments and The North Face shows off the great photos of their community out in the wild. It is important that you are using your social media to engage with your audience to learn more about them and what they think about your company.

Along with that, it is very important that if you are looking to improve your social media presence you spend a little extra money for great content on your social media and website. If you are feeling overwhelmed, Roundpeg is a content marketing company and can help you create great content. 

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