Happy Labor Day.

Today your employees are enjoying a day off, but if you are like me you are probably trying to catch up on a little bit of work. As a business owner, it can be hard to find the balance between focusing on business and finding time for yourself. I love Roundpeg. Even after 15 years, I still walk into the building every day looking forward to what I am going to do that day. Because I enjoy it, I find myself working all hours of the day and night. But I know that isn’t healthy for me or the business. So, I look for ways to take a break.

Get up and walk around

It is easy to lose track of time as you sit in front of a computer all day long. That’s why I set an alarm on my phone. The alarm reminds me every hour to get up and walk around. On nice days I get a bit of fresh air, and when it isn’t great outside, the alarm forces me to get up and walk around the office. I take a few minutes to chat with the team before I sit back down feeling a bit refreshed. My goal is a minimum of 250 steps an hour. It is good for my mind and studies show it is good for my heart as well.

Schedule Personal Time 

When we get busy it is easy for me to skip the gym. So I schedule time to work out or walk with a friend or my daughter several times a week. I am less likely to blow it off when I make a commitment to someone else. I enjoy the conversation, maybe a little brainstorming and since exercise boosts endorphin levels in the brain I almost always feel happier after a walk.

Take a Class

I have enough formal education to last my lifetime and maybe another person’s, but that doesn’t mean I am done learning. I still look for opportunities to take a class in a subject that interests me. Lately I have enjoyed art and photography classes. I will never be a great painter, but I enjoy the process and it has given me a new appreciation when i walk through a museum. If art isn’t your thing enroll in a history or anthropology class or maybe even wine tasting at a community college. Join a book group or learn to play bridge. It doesn’t matter what you learn. The trick is to add new information to stimulate your brain.

Sometimes learning an entirely new skill will help you solve a problem you are wrestling with in your business.

So now that you have read this, you have earned the right to take the rest of the day off. Have some fun and come back refreshed tomorrow.

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