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what’s in this kit:

Build Your Brand Kit – Business assets are tangible, like computers, furniture or company cars. They’re owned by the company and have value.
Your brand is also an asset, and unlike company cars and computers, the value increases over time as your company grows.

Finding Your Ideal Customer – When you try to be all things to all people, you wind up delivering a product that doesn’t please anyone. Use this guide to determine what your best customers have in common.

Positioning Statement – Positioning is about creating an impression of your company in the mind of the consumer. This statement forms the foundation of the messages you will use in your marketing programs. What makes you unique?

bonus resources:


#289 - Branding Yourself

From social media profiles to face to face networking tips, Erik firmly believes you need to brand yourself as someone who is willing to share what they know, learn from others and add value to every interaction.


#310 - Time for a Rebrand

Branding. It’s not just who you are, it’s how you present yourself. Is your current brand doing everything it can? When should you start thinking about a rebrand?

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