I am not really a big sports fan, but when I sit down to watch a game I have noticed that the second half is almost always more interesting.
Maybe it is because the clock is winding down, and the teams have more of a sense of urgency. But I think perhaps it is the magic of the half time break.

While the fans are watching some lame dance act, teams go into the locker rooms. The ones destined to win seem to come out more focused and ready to win.

So what happens in the locker room? Even though it is only a few minutes they use the time to assess their performance, their competitors, and the conditions on the field. They have to answer three simple questions:

1. What’s working?
2. What’s not working?
3. What do we need to do differently?

With those questions answered they can adjust their strategy and return to the field ready to win. As they come on the field for the second half they have to look ahead. In a way the first half is now behind them, not irrelevant, but certainly unchangeable. The game will be decided based on how well they play in the second half.

Do you have a half time strategy?

Just like sports teams, businesses need a half time strategy break. As the summer is winding down, this is the perfect time to step off the playing field and ask the tough questions to discover if your game strategy is really a winning one.

Lock your team and external advisers in a meeting room, or better yet go off site to talk about these same three questions:

1. What’s working?
2. What’s not working?
3. What do we need to do differently?

You will need to do some homework to get ready. Review your annual plan, collect numbers and see what your game stats look like so far. Unlike a sports team, the results of this working session won’t be felt in the first few hours. But if you really answer the questions honestly it is a first step. Next you will need to start mapping out a plan to execute the changes. You will need to identify who will do the work, and what resources such as time, money or external talent will be need to turn those plans into reality.

Make time to take a half time strategy break and adjust your game plan. The year will be a success or a failure based on how you adjust your strategy and play in the second half of the year.

So what is your game strategy going to be?

Looking for tools to help manage your half time planning session? Check out our simple strategic planning guide to get half time planning session off the ground.

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