I just can’t type the word roundup without thinking of the rodeo. Not unlike wrangling cows or whatever happens at a rodeo, managing social media accounts leaves you exhausted and feeling pulled in 10 different directions if you’re doing it wrong. There are a few ways most people find failure in their social media campaigns and we like to write about what you can do to avoid those mistakes.

Rummaging through our entire blog roll would be a lot like looking for a needle in a haystack so I’ll save you the time and pull some of our best blogs to help you navigate through social media and avoid common mistakes.

Are You in The Right Place?

Not every social media platform is for you. We see it all the time, businesses jumping on every social media platform because they think that’s what it takes to have good social media presence. Read these blogs for a little insight on where you should be.

  • Which Social Media Platform is Right For You? – The pressure for small businesses to be active on social media grows with each new platform that is added to the mix. Deciding how much, how often and where you should participate can be overwhelming.
  • Choosing the Right Social Media Management Platform – There are many different platforms and services out there, but your specific needs and preferences probably won’t be found all in one service. You have to recognize what matters most to you and give up some other things that would just be nice to have.
  • Welcome to Facebook – If you’re new to the world of social media for business, I’d like to introduce you to Facebook. No, not the personal Facebook account you use to share photos of your pets, kids and family vacations, but Facebook Pages for Business.

Watch What You Say

A good social media strategy is consistent and attentive. It can also be silent when the timing is inappropriate. These blogs help you decide what not to say and when not to say it.

  • Before You Post on Social Media – Before you start scheduling out social media posts for the next six months, there are a few things you need to do. Here’s a helpful checklist to look over before you post on social media.
  • When to Be Silent on Social Media – The childhood favorite brand of canned spaghetti, Spaghetti O’s thought it needed to comment on the 72nd anniversary of the attacks on Pearl Harbor. Naturally, they did this in a tasteful and respectful manner.
  • 4 Signs Your Misusing Social Media – If you aren’t seeing the results you’re expecting from social media, it’s probably because you are making some costly mistakes. Here are four signs you are misusing your social media accounts in the worst way.

Make Sure You Measure

After you’ve decided what to say, when and where to say it, make sure you measure your efforts. The best way to know how you’re doing is to look at the data.

  • Tracking Your Social Media Efforts – By writing blog posts and sharing them to Twitter or posting images of the latest employee event on Facebook, you’ve created a great way to engage with your audience. But when it comes to measuring all that engagement, how do you do it?

Pay to Play

Think you have these social media basics down? Take your marketing to the next level and dabble in social media advertising. Here are a few guides to get you started:

  • Online Advertising Guide – Everyone from Google to Facebook and to LinkedIn are all offering advertising options. Which are good investments and which are a waste of money?
  • Dominate Facebook – Social media exposure isn’t free. As Facebook has crystallized their advertising program it is pay to play if you want to be seen.
  • Leverage LinkedIn – The ability to reach specific decision makers is a unique LinkedIn advantage, but that advantage isn’t free.


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