I have always loved the feeling of pushing through a project from start to finish because there really is something very fulfilling about it. Launching my first website as a web designer here at Roundpeg was no different. I am developing new skills and learning new things. The biggest surprise is that communication with clients is a much larger part of the process then I anticipated. It is definitely a transition going from designing websites in class that you have complete creative control over to having to consider client’s needs and desires at every turn.

I believe my first website launch went so well in part because the client was extremely laid back and knew from the start exactly what he needed his website to convey. He also only had one major call-to-action which made things less complicated. Some clients have a lot to say and some have very little, but either way I am slowly realizing that in order to design a website best suited to your client’s needs, communication is key. I imagine it’s going to be a lot tougher when I get deeply involved with a project with the potential for scope creep. There was not much for me to have to sort through in terms of information architecture and that was a good thing this first time around.

All in all, launching this website could not have gone much smoother and I am very pleased with the results.

Artemis Rx


  • Setting deadlines for yourself and your client is paramount or you can never expect to get anywhere.
  • Less is more, especially when there is minimal content provided. There is no reason to add extra fluff.
  • Full screen background images are a powerful tool if used correctly.
  • Breaking up the interior pages with images is quite possibly one of the best ways to keep the content interesting.
  • GoDaddy’s new WordPress hosting makes it extremely easy to transition from the development address to the official domain.

Don’t forget to always double and triple check the website before you email the client and say the website is officially live.

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