The year has certainly started with a bang.  If you have been too busy to drop by for most of the month, here is a round up of some of our most popular posts.

One Page Guide o Success – An oldie but goodie, this one was actually written last fall.  It past by almost unnoticed, until everyone started working on their 2013 marketing plan.  Then our simple one page calendar became our most popular blog post, with multiple downloads every day.  Have you gotten your copy yet?

Twitter, Business and Birthdays is another popular post from deep in our archives – In 2009 when Twitter was still relatively new, the idea of using the platform to bring people together was a new one.   When Nancy Myrland invited people to my birthday party, using only messages on Twitter, we never expected almost 50 people to show up, but they did. I also never expected that the little blog post describing the even would continue to attract visitors to our website four years later.

Not all our most popular posts have been on the blog forever.   Some of our newest content made has made a big splash for our readers as well.

In Rice Cake Words -Allison explains why writer don’t need to know all 171,000 words in current use in the English language to write good web copy.  And some of the most commonly used words can be dropped altogether.

Guest author, Michael Reynolds rounded out our first month with a challenge to bloggers in his post: How to write bad inbound marketing content. 

I am always surprised about which posts make it to the top of the list. Some of the most popular posts are focused specifically on the needs of our small business audience, and others are more general.  Sometimes I can predict it will be popular because of a strong headline, or extremely timely content.  Michael’s post had both since he was also our guest on More than a Few Words the day after the post was published.   Other’s like the Twitter post simply baffle me.  While I am glad to know people find the post helpful, it is harder to use that information to plan new content.  If you have been by our blog recently, take a minute to tell me what was your favorite post.