Over the last few weeks I have written several posts about surrounding yourself with great people.  People who make you think, and make you smile, people who challenge you, and people who pick up the pieces when others challenge you! These people will come into your life through all sorts of paths, and sometimes you just have to celebrate the fact they are there.

Today, I got a glimpse of just how many wonderful people Twitter has brought into my life.  You see, today is my birthday, and my friend @nancymyrland thought it would be the perfect excuse for a TweetUp.  It wasn’t a major landmark birthday, so no special reason for the celebration, except it sounded like fun.. and it was!  While many of the guest are long time friends and family, others are folks I had never met face to face.

But there we all were, ready to party, celebrating, life, business, friendship and birthdays with me and my good friend @edeckers ( who had a birthday this week too!)


And if you were there, and made a new friend, but didn’t get their Twitter ID, here is the list started by @kristenhorton.  I hope we have close to everyone who was there.


Thanks to Ryan Cox – Here is a typed list you can use to fill in your following


Ryan Cox@coxymoney

Lorraine Ball@roundpeg

Andy Ball@aballstudio

Michelle Ball@miniball

Amy Stark@amystark

Staraya McKinstry@smckinstry

Chef JJ@cheffjj

Shawn Quick-Raflik@shawnieqr

Kristen Horton@kristenhorton

Lindsay Manfredi@lindsaymanfredi

Barb Jones

Douglas Karr@douglaskarr

Nancy Myrland@nancymyrland

Duke Long@dukelong

Mack Earnhardt@macksmind

Suzanne Zaleski@gingermiller531

Sage McGreen

Charles Miller@charlesfmiller

Scott S. Semester@sssemester

Kevin Dostalek@thekicker

Greg Cooper@gregcooper

Erik Deckers@edeckers

Rock Planck@rockplanck

Colin Clark@colinaclark

Christy Glesing@cglesing

Linda Fitzgerald@lindaawi

Patric Welch@mrnoobie

Ginna Fenton@indyjoblady

Dick Davis@davisr66

Tracy Millligan

Rhett Cochran@rhettcochran

Mike Magan@mikemagan

Wendy Collins@wendycollins

Hazel Walker@hazewalker

Victoria Finch@vixwrld

Karen Scharf@karenscharf

Mathew Wilson@theindywilsons

Bethann Buddendaum@bethannbud

Robby Slaughter@robbyslaughter

Thomas Ho@drthomasho

Laura Ho@lauraho