Does your business’ brand bridge the gap between the real world and the Internet? Brochures, business cards and outdoor signage represent the business to key customers all the time. Websites and social media profiles do the same thing, except the association is even closer between your actions online and what people think of the business.

Your logo unites those elements visually. It lets people know who’s talking. So I ask you, do you know where your logo is?

At Roundpeg, we let Indianapolis know we love branding and web design by networking with sweet new business cards, designing carefully focused direct mail campaigns and maintaining a robust social media strategy.

Without our logo, none of that vital marketing could happen. But we know where our logo is.

Find your logo by making sure you own the vector copies of your logo’s art. Unlike ordinary JPGs or PNGs, vector art can be expanded to any size imaginable without getting blurry or losing quality.

These files are critical. If you don’t have digital, vector art copies stored safely, then your logo is missing. If you don’t have your logo, I can’t use it in the web design. Without it, we can’t spruce up your social media presence. Without vector art files of your logo, you are hosed.

Check to make sure you have your logo art files saved as one or more of these common file types: AI, SVG, or EPS.

Look for the file type at the end of the file’s name. For example: or YourLogo.eps

Go on now, check into it. This song should help you investigate.

You should be breathing a sigh of relief because you found the files. If not, it’s ok to begin shaking in your boots, because your logo is AWOL.

But fear not! If you have ever had business cards made with a professional printer you can call them up and ask for help. There’s a good chance they have a vector art file in their records for your business. If they don’t have it, find the original designer. As a last resort, a low-quality (non-vector art) image can be scanned, traced and remade. But that will add time and extra expense to any web design or print collateral project.

All this fuss is worth your time. Take care of your investment and secure those important art files.