With the launch of our new website this summer, we made several modifications to our brand. We moved to a very fresh, sophisticated and understated  look. Gone is the handwriting font, the circles and clutter. Our business cards needed to change to match the new look.

The problem – I loved the card Taylor designed in 2009 the last time we updated our website. The blue background was dramatic. The circular layout of the content was fun and distinctive. Even two years later, I haven’t seen anything quite like it. In addition, we had equity in the design because all of us have been very active at networking events, handing out hundreds of those cards.

So I challenged the design team to develop a concept that had the fresh, understated look of the web site, but still felt like Roundpeg. It took several months because nothing seemed quite right, and because we were constantly getting distracted by client projects. As we got close, we printed several small test runs and tweaked the design until we were completely satisfied. Everyone contributed to the design;  there is a piece of all of us in this new card, and I love the final product.

We eliminated some of the contact information to unclutter the front. Gone is fax number.  We get so few anymore, it seems silly to have that number on the card.  We also eliminated the personal cell phone numbers.  The team felt this allowed them some separation between personal and business time and the ability to control which clients could reach them after hours.

My favorite addition is our “RP”.  When I transfered the @roundpeg twitter account to the business, I changed the avatar from a picture of me to this graphic.  It is also the corner image on our Facebook fan page. Adding it to the card helped to unify our identity elements.

Although we have lost the distinctive circular layout, the rounded corners make the cards feel like us. Our cards have changed a lot over the years, as our company has changed.  This latest iteration fits who we are today.  We will be printing new cards for everyone, just in time for the new year!

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