At Roundpeg we have been talking about business cards a lot lately.  Obviously, we design cards for lots of our small business clients, but also we have been working on updating our cards as well.   With the launch of the new website, we added a fresh handwritten font as an accent to the site, and wanted to bring that same font into our cards.

I love the Business-Card-Collagenew look Taylor came up with. While still true to our brand, the handwriting gives the cards a friendly, more personal feel.  I also love the switch to the blue background, after 6 years of teal, it is a nice change, without changing to core look of our brand.

This is challenge for many small business, how do you keep your look fresh, without losing the equity you have built up over time.

And while we are on the subject of business cards, here is what Melinda, one of our interns had to say on the subject.

Tonight is my third networking event and I am still feeling nervous but excited. One thing I am amazed by is the creativity and design skills that go into these business cards I’m getting. I have never had a business card printed with my name on it BUT by the time I do… I hope I get something cool.

I am pretty sure Melinda has some cool cards in her future.  And if you are looking for inspiration, here is a link to a blog featuring 50 Creative Business Cards of 50 Graphic Designers which Melinda found.