After a few quiet weeks, the phones exploded here at Roundpeg.  It must be all those business owners returning from spring break ready to get back into the game. If you were busy making things happen in your business this week and haven’t had a chance to stop by, here is a summary of what you missed.

Saturday – Once More With Visuals: Part One
Peter explains how to find pictures to use for your visual content strategy.

Sunday – When A Customer Complains
Just a few of the  benefits of incorporating customer service into your social media program.

Monday – Not Every Shoe Fits
Just as Prince Charming set off to find his perfect match, so should small business owners. Social media is not a one-size-fits-all program, pick one network and do it well.

Tuesday – 1 Out of 1,400,000
Sometimes the odds of showing up on page one of a Google search seem overwhelming.  But consistent effort can get you there.

MTFW: Social Media and Real Estate
Today we will be talking with Kristie Smith the founder of Indy Homes Real Estate about marketing and social media.

Wednesday – The Power of the Porfolio
With all the conversation about visual content strategy lately, it was really fun to build a web site with strong and interesting visual elements.

Thursday – Once More with Visuals 
This is the second half of Peter’s series on finding good visual elements for your blog post.

Friday – What Burlesque Taught Me About Social Listening
The Internet is such a wonderful, strange, interconnected place. What did we do before it? Allison shares how an off hand comment generated an invitation, two blog posts and lots of fun PR for a local Burlesque troop.