Ten years ago, Lorraine quit her day job to see if she could turn Roundpeg into more then an idea.  This week we celebrated our 10th anniversary with many of the friends we have made along the way.

But even though we took time out to be nostalgic, and to look forward to what will come next, we still had time to share a few blog posts.  Here is a link to some of what you have missed if you haven’t had a chance to drop by this week.

Saturday – Want What Your Blog Needs
Can you identify your company’s needs versus wants?

Sunday – More Time, More Results
We are starting to dig into the data in our 2012 social media survey, and some very interesting facts have emerged with regard to the amount of time business owners are spending, and the results they are seeing.

Monday – Do Your Customers Know the Rules?
Establishing end points for projects was a step towards the growth of Roundpeg.

Tuesday – Customer Service: It’s the Little Things?
Every day there are many small opportunities to delight or disappoint your customers, does your customer service not only attract customers but keep them coming back?

MTFW: Restaurant Marketing with Jeffry Summers
This week we spoke with Jeffry Summers about how restaurants can use marketing and social media.

Wednesday –  Does Your Business Belong on Pinterest 
You may already be sick of hearing about Pinterest but with all the fuss probably have just one question about Pinterest: Should I be using it for my business?

Thursday –  10 Years Ago Today
Some of you were excited to celebrate Pi Day on Wednesday, we were excited to celebrate our 10 year anniversary.

Friday – Guest Posts:  How To Grow Your Blog by Writing Elsewhere
One of the most effective strategies to grow your blog is to focuse on guest posts, both inbound and outbound.