I had the hardest time writing this blog post because, you see, today is our 10-year anniversary.  I guess I felt this post needed to be profound and inspirational, funny, sentimental and sweet. After ten years, it probably should sum up everything we were, everything we’ve accomplished and everything we hope to be in 250 words or less. It would be nice if I could also thank every single person who has been a part of our success.  The pressure to create the perfect post was paralyzing and so the blank page loomed bigger and bigger.

Like most of the times in my life when I hit a wall, the first step was to figure out why I was having such a hard time.  It occurred to me, that really, this is just another day. Every day since I walked out of Conseco on March 15, 2002 has been special.

When I turned down a good friend who offered me a job in 2004, that was a special day. Six years ago when I hired Shelli, my first full time employee, that was special. Five years ago when I bought the building and moved out of my home office, that was special too.  I  will always remember the day I agreed  Rebecca could bring Bonnie to the office for just a few weeks and the day Taylor and Amy talked me into adopting Clyde as our first full time pet employee. As I think about it, there are hundreds of special days.  Actually 3,653 special days to be exact. ( There have been three leap years in there).

Today, Roundpeg is exactly what I hoped it would be.  And while it is cool we beat the odds and made it this far, this is really just another day. Another day in which I get to share what I know, do what interests me and spend time with people I love.

Happy Anniversary Roundpeg