We took a morning off this week. No, we weren’t sleeping in or getting in extra shopping time, we spent the morning in a strategic planning session for 2012.

Should be interesting to see how next year develops but in the meantime, we are BUSY! December is often the time when the work load slows and we spend time “housekeeping”.

How is your December stacking up? If you’ve been busy with business (or shopping) check out what you may have missed:

Saturday – Faces of Roundpeg: Joel Russell Took a Chance on Me
Business plans are no longer a big part of what we do at Roundpeg but 9 years ago writing one for Joel helped establish Roundpeg.

Sunday – Do Your Blog Headlines Suck?
Allison provides tips on creating blog headlines

Monday – New Business Cards for a New Year
The whys and hows or our business card redesign, fresh off the presses in time for 2012.

Tuesday – Pick a Winner with Twitter
Twitter is a great medium in which to hold contests, do follow the rules to insure that your followers aren’t violating these ground rules.

MTFW: Getting Started with SEO
It’s not too late to listen to our conversation with Jenn Lisak about the importance of search engine optimization.

Wednesday – How to Audit Your Social Media Marketing
Allison’s guide to an end of year social media audit in order to prepare for 2012.

Thursday – Press Refresh
If we designed your website, we’ve dreamed up something new for you in 2012. Once a month, join us as we push you to take control of your website and explore different means to that end.

2012 Winter Seminars

An there is more training ahead in 2012.  We have just released our Winter schedule.  Need help on web design, social media, email marketing or business planning?   Put one of these classes on your schedule now.

Friday – How to Audit Your Website
Another guide from Allison, this one guides you through an end of your website audit.