Ever had the sinking feeling you forgot everything you just learned? At Roundpeg, we hear this a lot, so we thought of a great solution: Press Refresh. These seminars are offered on the third Tuesday of every month, beginning in January. So mark your calendar now!  They are open to anyone who has had a website built by the Roundpeg crew. They’re our way of helping you continue to take control of your website and keep you accountable to update and renew your website.

Roundpeg’s Press Refresh 2012 schedule will include classes on WordPress basics, new plugins, blogging strategies and implementation, website maintenance, design trends, multimedia uses, social media integration, search engine optimization, email marketing, analytic tools, and even round table sessions. You’re able to pick and choose the classes with topics you want to catch up on and skip the ones you don’t need. Best of all? They’re free forever for all Roundpeg web clients.

Free entertainment may be provided by the office cats, Clyde and Maybee, but we can’t make any promises because they set their own schedules.

For more information about the sessions, please give us a call.

We hope to see you soon!