It’s been a crazy week here at Roundpeg! If you’ve missed any of our blog posts, here’s your chance to catch up:

Saturday – It Is About Them
Capture potential clients by finding out what they are interested in and then sell yourself.

Sunday – Identity Crisis
Do you follow@roundpeg? Do you follow @lorraineball?

Monday – An Eye for Talent and an Ear for the Team
Talent and training are important but that doesn’t ensure a team that works together.

Tuesday – Don’t Forget the Words in Web Design!
Words are an important part of your web design, don’t neglect them.

Wednesday –More Than a Few Words: Niche Marketing
Erin Couch and Arin Anderson of the National Retail Hardware Association joined us to talk about the challenges of marketing in such a specific niche.

Thursday – Why Using Interns for Social Media is Bad for You–And For Them
Find out why Allison thinks you should stop foisting your social media onto your interns.