People often tell me I have an eye for talent. Spend a few minutes with members of the Roundpeg crew or any of our alumni, and you will know it is true. Somewhere along the line I learned how to look beyond the resume and even what a person says in an interview, to see what they are capable of.

But hiring right is only half the battle. The other half of the equation is training. You have to train your new employee on how to do their job and how to be a part of your organization.  It is a bit like tuning an instrument.  It doesn’t matter if each individual note is perfect if they don’t sound right together.

Sometimes if you are really lucky, all the pieces fall  into place. If you make great hires and give them enough time there is moment when you realize your team “has it”.  You can hear it as they finish each others sentences and anticipate each others needs. Through laughter, shared humor and subtle teasing you can see they have come to  like, respect and trust each other.  When that happens it is easy to deliver great work to clients. As a team leader, you begin to believe you can do the impossible, with ease.

Over the course of my  career, I have been lucky enough to have experienced those moments of management bliss more than once, so I know,they are possible.  Today, we have a few new faces at Roundpeg.   It is going to take awhile to get acquainted and find our rhythm, but we have the right people in place, so we just need a little time.