The Colts may not have won this week, but things haven’t been all bad in Indianapolis. In fact, Roundpeg’s schedule has been as busy as ever! Just in case you missed any of the blog postings this week, check them out here:

Friday – Same Face New Engine
Sharayah works her magic and turns an old flash site into a theme on WordPress for Holeman Landscape.

Saturday – Fresh Feel for Growing Organization
The EAC (Hamilton County Entrepreneur Advancement Center) has undergone some big changes, and they needed a brand new website to reflect their growth and altered mission

Sunday – How Much Do You Want to Spend?
A marketing company should be one-size-fits-all with their packages or their quotes. Does your marketing company understand what you really need, or just throw prices at you?

Monday – A Lifetime of Customer Service Data
Are your clients unhappy? You may never know until it’s too late.

Tuesday– How to Avoid Getting Ripped Off by Your Web Design Company
There are lots of unscrupulous web design companies out there. Don’t be a victim.

Wednesday – MTFW: Exercising your Marketing Muscle

The exercise industry is big business these days. How do these companies find and keep customers? Join guests Maric Erne and Drew Larison to discuss the business of fitness.

Thursday – Social Media – It is All About the Fans

5,000 followers may not make you a social media celebrity. Learn about strategies you can employ that will make you a successful tweeter, just don’t expect it to happen overnight!