We have been busy this week, what about you?

Our digital marketing blog and podcast are constantly being updated by our talented and knowledgeable team. It’s not just the writers that chip in to the blogging and podcasting. Everyone here has their own unique skill set and area of expertise. Why not give them a chance to write and talk about it?

If you haven’t had a chance to stop by, here is a list of what you missed…

Saturday- Bringing Unsexy Back Allison discusses the importance of not catering exclusively to “sexy companies” and instead, sharing time with everyone.

Sunday- Talk To Me, Not At Me Lorraine discusses how consumer brands should be using media outlets like Facebook and Twitter.

Monday- Shopping for Small Business Marketing Guest blogger Mary Beiver shares some tips on choosing a marketing company.

Tuesday- Google Plus What? Lorraine talks about the cool features of the newest social network.

Wednesday- Why Location-Based Social Networking Isn’t Catching On- And How It Can Allison explores a very specific subset of social media, the location based social network tools.

Thursday- Is It Time For a Refresh? Lorraine addresses cleaning clutter away from a website in order to renew its appeal.

Friday- More Than a Few Words: The Internship Experience Join us as we talk to our interns about their internship experiences as well as tips for other students who are considering an internship.

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