There are some businesses where people line up around the block, begging to do their marketing. These tend to be the fun, sexy businesses: restaurants, tourist attractions, and retail shops, among others. It’s so tempting to run after these kinds of businesses. After all, everyone loves to eat, buy things, and have a good time.

I’ll admit, even Roundpeg was distracted for a while trying to run after these establishments. We’re only human, and from the outside looking in, tweeting and blogging about Italian food might seem more interesting than writing about commercial lending. But this thinking is not only wrongheaded and short-sighted, it’s blatantly untrue.

Every business deserves great marketing advice and service, even if they don’t serve delicious Italian food. And guess what? Yes, small business social media tactics can work even for these unsexy companies. Now, they probably don’t fit on Twitter. They usually don’t fit on Facebook. But a concerted LinkedIn outreach campaign and a great blogging strategy helps bring some humanity to these often faceless companies.  Implementing these strategies  can pay big returns for the company–and for us and we focus on this under-served niche.

Ask yourself: are there unsexy companies that you’re ignoring in your industry? Are you being distracted from what could be a great niche for yourself because you’re running after fun companies? Get your head back in the game, and start thinking like a business. For us, it’s made all the difference in the world.