If you have been outside enjoying the spring weather, you missed some interesting conversations and blog posts.  Here is a quick summary of what you missed.

Saturday – Airborn Media – #GusFlt0511
For the latest information, people are turning to live, real time updates from twitter and facebook instead of traditional news sources.

Sunday – Writing For People
Don’t forget when designing a website or writing blog posts that search engine optimization is good but not at the expense of your reader.

Monday – Who Are You in 140 Characters or Less
There’s an art to writing your biography in 140 characters or less for Twitter. Does your Twitter bio measure up?

Tuesday – 5 Open Source Tools for Profit to the Start-Up and Micro Business
Guest blogger, Daniel Curry, Indy’s Computer Geek,  shares some of his favorite open source tools in today’s blogpost.

Wednesday – Corporate Sabotage
Don’t stay off-line because you fear your competitors.

Thursday –  How Tangible is Your Brand?
Branding takes work, and a plan.  Defining who you are in the marketplace takes more than just the right logo and tagline.